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Tips For US Travel

Check List:

  • Check for special Canadian packages including accommodations and free admissions
  • Cut down on your foreign exchange costs by using cash, converting your money before you travel, or using credit cards with no foreign exchange fees.
  • Time your trip around sales at stores in our region. There are seasonal, special event, and national holiday sales tailored for Canadian shoppers with big discounts and large selections.
  • Sign up for retailer email lists and loyalty programs before you shop, making the most of discounts and sales. Don't forget lower sales taxes, too!
  • Enjoy a weekend trip, keeping in mind that a lot of our hotels and attractions have discounted rates. Plus, you’ll get your $800 duty free allowance after a 48 hour stay.
  • Take advantage of lower gas prices in the U.S.
  • ATMs: Your best friend for cash, most major credit cards are accepted. Restaurants, hotels, and shops here only accept credit cards or American cash and the ATM is best for converting your loonies to American dollars. It’s easy to find accessible ATMs connected to the international networks 24 hours a day at most banks and attraction locations. Canadian visitors can get American cash at the best rates.

Crossing the Border

Make your border crossing an easy one. Be sure to consult Canadian Border Services for tips to get the most from your trip here and visit or call border information services at 1-800-461-9999 for travel tips, prohibited and restricted goods, and border wait times. Knowing what documents you need ahead of time can make your trip a smooth one.

New York State By Road

When you depart from Canada and cross into the U.S., you want a special experience—not just an average getaway. We know that. So we've gathered dozens of places to find your perfect, just-for-you road trip. Family fun activities, world class attractions, wine and beverage trails, relaxing and thrilling outdoor activities, stunning scenery, you can find it all here!!