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Halloween Treats and Desserts to Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth

It’s almost Halloween, and that means candy (at least to me it does). While I love the chill of fall weather, bringing out the autumn decorations, picking the perfect costume… it’s really the candy that brings it all home for me!

Luckily, I find myself surrounded by some of the best bakeries, candy stores, and local chocolatiers who pull out all the stops for the candy-centric holiday. If you find yourself in the area, be sure to check out a few of my favorites, including:

Hedonist Artisan Chocolates – Rochester, NY
Truffles and Chocolate Bark are among the specialties found at Hedonist. The truffles come in classic flavors like bittersweet, espresso, hazelnut, and milk, but also vary in more unusual varieties, like lavender, cranberry pecan, orange peel, and pistachio. Their bar is even more eccentric – coconut curry, matcha bark, toffee almond, and milk chocolate sesame - and pairs really well with local wines, as an added bonus.

Lagoner Farms – Williamson, NY
Apple pie, turnovers, donuts, and dumplings are in abundance at Lagoner Farms. With an orchard right in their backyard, these are some of the freshest apple treats in Upstate New York. And even if apples aren’t your jam, Lagoner has ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, and an array of fudge that is absolutely to die for.

Life’s So Sweet – Ithaca, NY
Life’s So Sweet is the motto for these makers of hand-crafted chocolates and retro candies – from chocolate corks and jelly beans, to a series of chocolate bark named after the 11 Finger Lakes. I personally am a fan of the “Greeting Bars” – a sweeter way to say “Thanks,” “Happy Birthday,” or “Get Well Soon.”

Meyer’s Chocolates – New Hartford, NY
If Oprah approves, it must be good. And she does approve of Meyer’s Chocolates in New Hartford, NY. Browse their signature collection of assorted chocolates and truffles, their personalized baskets and party trays, or go for an item from their “Cocktail Collection.” There’s only one way to make a truffle better, and that’s to add wine.

Oliver’s Candies – Batavia, NY
Oliver’s Candies is a treasure trove of mouthwatering delights, found right in Downtown Batavia, NY. There are so many shelves of candy confections, chocolate creations, and seasonal treats – it’s impossible to walk out empty handed. Oliver’s just released their fall candy selection, and I wasn’t disappointed. Gourmet apples, chocolate leaves, pumpkin pie malt balls, and BOO-tterscotch kisses are just a few of the seasonal treats making it onto my list this year.

Pittsford Farms Dairy – Pittsford, NY
I happen to work right next to this delectable dairy building, so I am all too familiar with their selection of sweet treats. My first choice is always the half-moon cookies (half chocolate frosting, half vanilla) – but it is always tough to turn my back on the other options in the case – cannoli, eclairs, chocolate mice, peanut butter bombs, and the vast selection of homemade ice cream offered year-round.

Stever’s Candies – Rochester, NY
If anyone knows candy, it’s the Stever family. They have been making candy since 1946 in Rochester, NY, and are still in operation today, making fresh chocolate daily, piece by piece, using an original family recipes and the best ingredients around. If you’ve never tried Sponge Candy before – this is the place to start. A crispy molasses center is covered in milk or dark chocolate, and will melt in your mouth from the very first bite.

Sweet Arts Bakery – Geneseo, NY
Sweet Arts Bakery caters to all types – lovers of brownies, cinnamon rolls, crumb cake, cannoli, scones, muffins, and cake pops. The bakery makes their goods daily and from scratch – and even carries a gluten-free menu with mini-pies, half-moons, cookies and bread, so everyone can enjoy a treat when they visit. A drink menu offers the perfect options to top off your dessert craving – like their one-of-a-kind Reese’s Latte (chocolate peanut butter topped with whipped cream and mocha sauce!)

Wicked Sweets – Yorkville, NY
To round out my list of sweet spots, I couldn’t pass up mentioning the amazing macarons selection at Wicked Sweets. The flavors change based on the baker’s choice and season – but fall features favorites like pumpkin, apple cider, toasted marshmallow, and s’mores. And if fall is about more than Halloween to you, Wicked Sweets sometimes even offers chocolate macarons decorated like footballs to get you in that gameday spirit.

Pretty sweet, right? Enjoy!

Photo Credit © Mark Gutman