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Food That Will Warm You Up This Winter

Maybe it’s just me, but the cuisine of a certain area is definitely one of the things I remember most about my trips. Some of the meals I have had on vacation have been so memorable—whether because they were extremely decadent, or just one-of-a-kind local favorites—they left such an impression that I can still smell and taste the delicious dishes.

Lucky for me, I was grew up in a region of New York that undoubtedly has amazing food options. A lot of local restaurants strive to use only the freshest and, when possible, local ingredients available. Plus, we’re so used to the cold that we have mastered dishes that will bring comfort and warmth all year long. On your next trip to Upstate New York, you’re definitely going to want to try some of these spots.

Ithaca, NY is considered a “foodie paradise.” It even has more restaurants per capita than New York City! Ithaca prides itself on the many farm-to-table and vegetarian/vegan dining options available for tourists and residents alike. While you’re there, you need to visit the famous Moosewood Restaurant. Did you know that 12 different vegetarian cookbooks with over 6 million copies sold have come from this very restaurant?

If you’re in the Ithaca area and looking for something more geared toward the meat-eaters, you need to check out Fat Jack’s BBQ. Serving up classic American cuisine, you won’t regret ordering a rack of ribs here.

Once you’ve filled up in Ithaca, head to Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn in Angelica, NY. Although it’s only open for maple season (February 14th through April 15th this year), it is one of the most well known restaurants in Upstate NY! And for good reason. Head there for warm all-you-can-eat pancakes topped with their famous maple syrup. The Inn has been serving pancakes and maple syrup for over 50 years, and brings lines of crowds every season—some customers have even come as far as Germany and Japan.

In the Southern Finger Lakes region, you’ll find Corning, NY home to a variety of delicious restaurants and eateries that are dedicated to using the rich bounty of the region. A local favorite is Sorge’s Restaurant, a 60-year-old establishment serving warm and comforting Italian dishes and homemade pastas. Personally, Italian dishes are my all-time favorite comfort food, so stopping here is always a must.

I originally hail from Rochester, NY, home of the famous Garbage Plate. Probably one of the most unappealing food names to visitors and newcomers, this local favorite dates back to the Depression Era, and is most definitely beloved—or at least admired—by Rochesterians. We encourage all visitors to the city to try this local fare, full of piping hot fries, burgers or hot dogs, and hot sauce, topped off with macaroni salad and some extra toppings. This dish needs to be tasted to be appreciated, and you’ll find this regional “delicacy” at many restaurants in the area.

Make your next trip to New York State memorable with a delicious meal! We promise, the food here is worth the hype.