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Hello, Canadian neighbors!

Dinosaur BBQ

Welcome to the premier collection of things to do, places to see and ways to shop in New York State—beyond the border.

We think you’ll be happily surprised!

From Rochester to Syracuse to Corning—you’ll find lush, rolling countryside and unique natural scenery. Sophisticated, lively, engaging cities. Charming, historic towns and friendly villages. Delectable food, renowned wines, craft brews and spirits. Cultural hot spots. Shopping and bargains so good it will feel like a personal triumph. The sports you love. Multi-generational fun.

We’re easy-going and no-stress.

Love the feeling of a weekend stretching ahead? You’ll find that "Friday- feeling" any day of the week in our exceptional region of New York State. We love having you here!

"The bonus with all there is to see and do… is that it’s a short, easy drive (106 km) from the Peace Bridge. Everyone we met was friendly."Mike Keenan,

Surprise! It’s so easy to get here—much closer than you might think!

In 90 minutes from your point of entry into New York State, you’ll be at the start of your adventure. Leave the traffic stress behind.

Whether you choose highways or country by-ways, our well-maintained, clearly marked roads will lead you right into the Rochester area and beyond to Syracuse and the Finger Lakes/Corning region.

Richmond Aqueducts

Surprisingly affordable!

You’ll be surprised how much further your cash goes here. Treat yourself to luxury and pampering—or bring the whole family for fun for all ages. The parking is easy—and often free!

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